Friday, 12 September 2008

Autumn Clean

It's cold, grey and damp here – everything normal – so I decided to give the site an Autumn clean. Apart from weeding out a few errors, I've also removed the trailing comments on each page (which were beginning to make it look like a quality control manual rather than a pleasurable read), and replaced them with a simple threading link, so that the Chilli story can be read from cover to cover.

I've also removed all references to Chilli Two, except in the history section, replacing them with just 'Chilli'. It's high time that I stopped feeling guilty about replacing the nice natural Original
2 and 2 bids with artificial relays. Chilli Two works, and it works better than the Original.

Chill Two is Chilli, and so it shall be called!

While going through the site, I realised it is written somewhat in the style of a mathematical dissertation or computer program, with its hierarchy of rules. I'm contemplating a new project, which is to write a Chilli book that follows the structure of traditional bridge system books i.e. starts with the openings, then the responses etc. I expect it will progress at a more leisurely pace, and with more 'bridge' in there (as opposed to 'system'), and many more full hands.

I'm not sure what I will learn or gain from this, but it is something that has been beckoning me for a couple of years.

Have you had experience of writing bridge theory books or websites? I'd certainly like to hear from you if you have.

Alan Williams
September 2008

The Chilli bidding system is described and defined at


Andrea said...

Hello Alan!

You are keeping up the good work with your fantastic system... Though complete and effective, it is so easy to learn that it should be taught in bridge schools instead of the various "naturals". Chilli is a breath of fresh air in the world of bidding systems.

All the best,

Alan Williams said...

Hi Andrea

Many thanks for all your encouragement and helpful thoughts.

Best Wishes