Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What can possibly go wrong?

As you may know, I have completed the Chilli book and was planning to publish it at the start of March. The usual catalogue of life distractions have been threatening this timetable yet again, but today I picked up a copy of the Times newspaper and found a review of the book in Andrew Robson's column! So now, thanks to Andrew, I have no choice but to proceed as a top priority to get the book out ASAP.

Titled What Can Possibly Go Wrong?, the book is a combination of a definition and philosophical exploration of the Chilli system, plus some related stories and anecdotes. It has a very nice foreword by Andrew (which is how he came to know about it), and he also provided some excellent comments on the first draft, both on presentation and content.

The book is 192 pages long, and will be published in as a paperback ISBN 978-0-9571617-0-2 at £12 plus P&P. It will be available directly from me through the chillibidding and ralentango websites, and via Amazon. I will inform this blog as soon as I have at least one of those routes set up so you can place an order, and I expect to be posting before the end of March.

The book may also become available in due course via specialist shops, but that may be UK only.

If you order through my own websites I will be very happy to sign your copy, and add a personal message if you would like that.

By the time of distribution I will have updated the chillibidding site to reflect and cross-reference the system as described in the book. I will also use the site to publish any corrections or omissions from the book. And I am also looking forward to renewed activity and discussion on this blog when the book is out.

I'm sorry it's been such a long wait, but thank you for all your support and enthusiasm over the years.

Best wishes to all Chillians - Alan


Takis Pournaras said...

Bring on the champagne!

After a LONG waiting period, we can now see the end of the tunnel! Congratulations Alan, on finishing the book.

Moisés said...

Great news! I hope to be able to get the book soon! How's about international shipping?

PS: Can Andrew's review be seen somewhere?

Alan Williams said...

Hi Moisés

I'll ship anywhere in the world.

I don't think the review is online unless you subscribe to the Times online. The review is essentially a very brief precis of what he wrote for the book's Foreword.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan

why not in a e-book pdf format?

easier for us to get it.

Lino LUCARELLA said...

Hi Alan

Is 1C-2D

Neutral o fit auctons?

ready for the book.

Best wishes

Alan Williams said...

Hi Lino

Me too (ready for the book, that is - it's at the printers).

1C - 2D (artificial, compelling, denies a major);
2S (five+ cards) - 2NT (Strong Fit, must be three cards)

... so a fit auction.